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Making New Vaccines Affordable
Date: 09/08/2012

Making new vaccines affordable: a comparison of financing processes used to develop and deploy new meningococcal and pneumococcal conjugate vaccines (Lancet 2011; 378: 1885–93)

James R Hargreaves, Brian Greenwood, Charles Clift, Akshay Goel, Anne Roemer-Mahler, Richard Smith, David L Heymann.

Mechanisms to increase access to health products are varied and controversial. Two innovative mechanisms have been used to accelerate the development of low-price supply lines for conjugate vaccines. The Meningitis Vaccine Project is a so-called push mechanism that facilitated technology transfer to an Indian company to establish capacity to manufacture a vaccine. The Advanced Market Commitment for pneumococcal vaccines is a so-called pull mechanism that guarantees companies a supplement paid in addition to the purchase price for vaccines for a specific period. This paper compares these approaches, identifying key dimensions of each and considering their potential for replication.

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