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Appointment of new Hilleman CEO Davinder Gill
Date: 06/01/2012

Recent Pfizer Biotherapeutics VP Brings Innovative Development Track Record to India-
Based Vaccines Not-for-Profit

Delhi, INDIA, 06 January 2012 – The MSD Wellcome Trust Hilleman Laboratories (Hilleman
Laboratories, ) today announced that Davinder Gill, PhD, has joined
as CEO effective 4 January 2012. Hilleman Laboratories is the first of its kind research and
development non-profit joint venture to focus on developing affordable vaccines to prevent
diseases that commonly affect low-income countries. The non-profit organisation was launched
in September 2009.

“Davinder Gill brings tremendous expertise and a track record of developing innovative
biotherapeutics with high potential to improve health,” said Tony Ford-Hutchinson, Chairman of
the Board of Directors at Hilleman Laboratories and Senior Vice President of Vaccine Research
and Development at Merck. “We are thrilled that Davinder is joining Hilleman Laboratories as

Hilleman Laboratories first project focuses on how new technologies might be used to
develop a rotavirus vaccine designed specifically with developing country needs in mind.
Formulations are being examined for their potential to improve product stability, ease of use,
transportation and affordability.

Sir Mark Walport, Director of the Wellcome Trust, said: “Davinder’s arrival opens up a new
and exciting chapter in the establishment of the Hilleman laboratories as an institution focused
on delivering practical solutions in vaccine development for the countries in most need.”
Davinder will be based at the newly opened laboratories at Jamia Hamdard University.

Davinder Gill, PhD Named CEO
Dr. Gill is a leading biotherapeutics researcher with training from the Indian Institute of
Technology, the University of Texas and Harvard Medical School. He joins Hilleman
Laboratories from his post as Vice President of Biotherapeutics at Pfizer where he led an
international team of more than 170 people. Dr. Gill has also created and led acclaimed
biotherapeutics laboratories in Ireland and Scotland in collaboration with local governments.
“Vaccines are widely recognized as having the ability to save millions of lives if they can
be designed to meet the needs of people in low resource settings.” said Dr. Gill. “The mission to
turn innovative science into affordable and easy-to-use vaccines is among the highest of all

The Vision: A Sustainable, Not-For-Profit Operating Model to Turn Innovative Science
into Practical Solutions for Those in Greatest Need

The heart of Hilleman Laboratories’ vision is the creation of a sustainable R&D
organization that operates like a business, but with a not-for-profit operating model, to address
the vaccine needs of low-income countries. As well as developing new vaccines in areas of
unmet need, the Hilleman Laboratories works on optimizing existing vaccines, an important and
powerful way of increasing the impact of vaccination in resource-limited settings. By working in
partnership, The Wellcome Trust and Merck seek to achieve what neither can do alone.
About MSD Wellcome Trust Hilleman Laboratories

A first-of-its-kind initiative, Hilleman Laboratories is an equal joint-venture partnership
formed between Merck, a global research-driven pharmaceutical company and the Wellcome
Trust, a global charitable foundation dedicated to human and animal health by supporting the
brightest minds. Headquartered in India, Hilleman Laboratories is an international organization
comprising a global leadership and scientific team which is working to develop safe, effective,
affordable and sustainable vaccines for developing countries.

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