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Our Approach

We have established modern research and development laboratories to play a crucial role in the process of health development in India and other under-developed countries.

Many first-generation vaccines have not been developed with the specific needs of countries with poor infrastructure for vaccine delivery in mind. There is a much needed exploration of how to tackle one of the greatest public health and logistics challenges in the developing world- distributing life-saving vaccines without the requirement for large bulk shipments, expensive warehousing and costly, difficult-to-maintain refrigerated shipping paths from the manufacturing plant to the patient.

Hilleman Laboratories conducts research to develop affordable and effective vaccines for diseases that commonly affect people, especially children, in these regions such as Rotavirus vaccine, Cholera vaccine and Polysaccharide conjugate vaccines.

rotavirus vaccine in india

Hilleman Laboratories aims to bridge the gap between academia and product development by establishing proof-of-concepts for promising vaccines. We seek to contribute to forward-thinking science and to move new solutions from bench to bedside, quickly and effectively. If successful, we believe that we can make a real impact in the developing countries.

Hilleman Labs selects projects in consultation with experts from the academia, industry, foundations, public health institutions and its own Strategic Advisory Group.

The R&D efforts and Project Selection at Hilleman Laboratories primarily focus on the following:

Diseases of importance to developing countries

  • Prioritization based on vaccines that have not attracted significant academic or private sector research attention but nevertheless target diseases responsible for highest rates of mortality and morbidity in developing world settings.
  • Disease targets and antigens based on disease burden and epidemiologic data in consultation with the experts in vaccine development and vaccine delivery.

Hilleman Laboratories uses the following criteria to identify and select product opportunities:

  • Public health desirability (is the vaccine or vaccine technology platform needed).
  • Technical feasibility (is there sufficient evidence that indicates high probability of success).
  • Financial viability (cost and expected returns when the vaccine is launched in the market or vaccine technologies are licensed to vaccines manufacturing companies) to identify and select project opportunities.
  • Clear line of sight through manufacturing and marketing.
  • National Regulatory Authority (NRA) and WHO guidelines.
  • Partnering with MNCs, Developing Country Vaccine Manufacturers (DCVMs), and technology providers.